Outbreaks are inevitable. Pandemics are not.

Our Mission

Our mission is to participate as a strategic partner in the global ecosystem for transformative research, development and manufacture of safe and effective mRNA vaccines for global public health and pandemic preparedness and prevention, with competitive financial performance.

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A Deadly Cost and Risk For Us All

The global human and economic cost of pandemics is extreme. Furthermore, scientists expect SARS-CoV-2 Variants to emerge continuously.

Truly, no one is safe until everyone is safe. For example, the new ‘Stealth Omicron’ (BA.2) is now believed to be about as virulent as Delta.

PATHOGENS and PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS challenge our commons cooperation, while creating a unique investment opportunity in Global Public Health.

Dollars Lost $28 Trillion Lost in 2 Years $65 Billion Lost per Year $65 Billion Lost per Year
Lives Lost 20 Million Dead in 2 Years 1.4 million Dead per Year 1 million Dead per Year
% Case Fatality Rate (untreated) 1.8% CFR average 70% CFR average (5 years) 100% CFR (10 years)

PATHOGENS KILL. Case Fatality Rate (CFR) examples:

MERS Coronavirus CFR


Bird Flu CFR


Nipah Virus CFR


“We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time.”

Bill Gates, Munich Security Conference 2022

The super-power of mRNA to save lives.
You can be a HERO too!

Normax. A trusted guide FOR YOUR JOURNEY.

Our Normax Journey

The Normax Roadmap for Sustainable Pandemic Preparedness:

Industrial Scaling of mRNA Vaccines and mRNA Vax Factories for Transformative Impact
with Competitive ESG Financial Opportunity.

Vax Factory by Normax

With a focus on partnership and open science, we are developing the future of mRNA Vaccines through shared scientific expertise, agility and innovation, for the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious disease and long-term sustained pandemic preparedness and prevention. Our vision is to create a Freedom to Operate (FTO) ecosystem for mRNA Vaccines, where research and development will co-exist with established GMP manufacturing at large-scale, small-scale and micro-scale.

Normax Vaccines in Development

We plan to deliver safe and effective mRNA vaccines at large scale for $4 per dose. Normax also projects a reasonable $2 gross profit per dose for our investors. Our first Normax mRNA vaccines in development for infectious disease are for COVID, Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria.

We make social impact affordable, because pathogens are inevitable. But diseases are not.

Universal Coronavirus mRNA Vaccine

The goal of the mRNA Universal Coronavirus Vaccine (mRNA UCV) in development by Normax with Vax Factory and the mRNA UCV Consortium is to help solve the urgent global need for a one-time COVID-19 booster to save lives, help to end the COVID-19 pandemic and to support innovation for future pandemic preparedness.

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About Normax

The super-power of mRNA to save lives with transformative investment opportunity

mRNA vaccines have been proven safe and effective to save lives and help to end the pandemic. Probably you may have experienced the amazing benefit of mRNA vaccines yourself!

Navigate the jungle of market opportunity to breakthrough investment in mRNA technology for you and your customers.

The COVID pandemic has affected us all. Globally, COVID has cost over $28 Trillion dollars and 20 million lives. Globally we suffer from over 9,000 diseases. But only about 500 diseases are currently treatable. Diseases are costly, deadly and tragic. Every person and every family suffers from disease.

With mRNA vaccine technology, Normax aims to be a trusted guide for your journey to health and happiness and competitive financial returns via Normax financial mRNA vaccine products to suit most any risk/return appetite. Normax can help with the diseases that are important to you and your customers and generate competitive returns with powerful social impact. Normax has engaged a global team of experts and companies to deliver on the mission for our customers.

In principle, mRNA vaccine technology can be developed to prevent or treat any disease. All life is based on proteins which are programmed by DNA. When DNA is translated into mRNA, your body produces the proteins needed for your life and your health. Normax mRNA Vaccine Research, Development and Manufacturing can generate vast social impact and highly competitive return on investment for institutional investors.

Our mission is:

  • to deliver 100 novel mRNA vaccines with Vax Factories in 100 countries
  • to deliver a new mRNA vaccine in 100 days in event of Public Health Emergency (PHE)

The journey of life is the journey of the hero. With the super-power of mRNA to save lives, you can be a hero too.

Join us in our mission for global social impact and competitive financial performance of mRNA Vaccine products and mRNA Vax Factories by Normax.


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FCA Reference number: 926731

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